MARCH 4-12

Nasty Women Amsterdam is going to be huge: 183 artists from 27 countries donated 240 artworks. 100% of all sales will go to charity: Women on Waves, She Decides and COC Amsterdam.

Don’t miss it, there will be amazing art you want to buy! Bring cash. You can also pin.

Opening reception: Saturday March 4, 2017, 4-8 pm

Opening hours
Saturday March 4, 2017: 4-8 pm
Sunday March 5: 2-5 pm
Thursday March 9: 2-5 pm
Friday March 10: 2-5 pm
Saturday March 11: 2-5 pm
Sunday March 12: 2-5 pm

Spread the word!

Image: Sarah Maple, Daily picture ‘The future is nasty’, 2017, 30 x 42 cm, Courtesy of KochxBos Gallery Amsterdam (limited to 10) € 175

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